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This site provides easily accessible articles, photos and videos which can help us enrich our online conversations with discussion of nuclear weapons, the most pressing threat to modern civilization.

What Can The Average Person Do About Nuclear Weapons?

Everybody knows about nuclear weapons. And nobody wants a nuclear war. But what can the average citizen do about such a huge existential threat? When we're ready to ask this question seriously we'll discover the answer is much simpler than we might have imagined.

What can we actually do about nuclear weapons? We can talk about them.

Our political leaders aren't talking about nuclear weapons, the single biggest threat to the survival of the nation. Even in the recent 2020 Presidential campaign nuclear weapons were almost entirely ignored by every candidate in every party.

Why is that?? The answer is pretty simple. Our political leaders aren't talking about nuclear weapons because....

We the voting public are not talking about nuclear weapons.

The political leaders in a democracy aren't leaders so much as they are representatives. They get elected by understanding what we the voters are interested in, and then serving that interest. We lead, they follow. If we don't show interest in nuclear weapons, then politicians won't either.

Talking To Take Action

The purpose of this site is to provide readers with basic information about nuclear weapons which can be quickly added to our online conversations. You'll find nuclear weapons topics in categories such as:

Explore the topics that interest you, share them with your friends and online contacts, raise the profile of the nuclear weapons threat, and let politicians know this matters to you.

A Place To Get Started

The following pages can be an easy way to get started in sharing our concerns about nuclear weapons. There is something we can do!

  • The Day After - The Day After is a two hour film about nuclear war that first aired in 1983 on ABC. Its a fictional dramatization of an imaginary war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact which results in a full scale nuclear exchange between the superpowers. This film is possibly the most compelling statement on nuclear war ever made.

  • The Black Brant Scare Near Miss - This page describes an event in 1995 where the Russians almost launched their nuclear arsenal by mistake.

  • NORAD Detects An Incoming Soviet First Strike - In November of 1979 someone mistakenly inserted a training tape in to the NORAD early warning system, an error which convinced operators a nuclear first strike by the Soviet Union was underway.

  • The Day We Dropped Nukes On North Carolina - On January 23, 1961 a B-52 bomber carrying two nuclear weapons broke up in flight. As the plane hurtled towards the ground both nuclear weapons were accidentally released on to farmland near Goldsboro North Carolina.

  • The Damascus Arkansas Titan Missile Explosion - In September 1980 a simple mistake by a crewman working in a missile silo at Damascus Arkansas caused a liquid fuel explosion which ejected the ICBM and its attached 9 megaton nuclear bomb from the silo.

  • What Happens When A City Is Nuked? - In just 8 minutes this excellent video by Kurzgesagt outlines the effects of a nuclear blast on a major city in easy to understand terms.


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