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0 - Nuketalk.org - Nuclear Weapons Activism
This site provides easily accessible articles, photos and videos which can help us enrich our online conversations with discussion of nuclear weapons, the most pressing threat to modern civilization.

2 - The Effects Of A Nuclear Blast On The Human Body
This cheerfully terrifying 3 minute video gives us an idea what the effects of a nuclear blast would be on our bodies.

3 - Why We Should Care About Nukes
Heres a quality video which explains a key reason we should be concerned about nuclear weapons, the threat of nuclear winter.

4 - What Is The Nuclear Football?
This ten minute video gives an introduction to the nuclear football, the device that any President would use to order a launch of nuclear weapons.

5 - Inside An American Nuclear Base
This video from the Associated Press provides a quick look inside an American nuclear base.

6 - Command And Control Of Nuclear Weapons: The Illusion Of Safety
Heres an hour long interview with author Eric Schlosser about his book, Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety.

7 - Could We Nuke A Hurricane?
Could we stop a hurricane by blowing it to bits with a nuclear bomb? Um, sorry Mr. President, no way.

8 - How Would We Stop A Missile Thats Been Launched?
This 5 minute video from SciShow offers a quick look at the problem of stopping a nuclear missile which has been launched.

9 - Whats Involved In Launching A Nuclear Weapon?
CNNs Tom Foreman discusses how nuclear weapons are made small enough to be launched on ballistic missiles.

10 - Can We Prevent Nuclear War?
Heres a compelling Ted Talk by Ira Helfand, co-President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the group that won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

11 - The Race To Build The Worlds Biggest Bomb
This 45 minute documentary traces the history that led to the construction and detonation of the largest man made explosion in human history, the Russians Tsar Bomba, a nuclear bomb with 3,000 times more power than the weapon dropped on Hiroshima.

12 - Always/Never: The Quest For Safety, Control & Survivability
Sandia National Labs offers this excellent documentary about the safety and security of nuclear weapons. The film is presented in three parts, listed below.

13 - The World Doesnt Need More Nuclear Weapons
Heres an inspiring and informative Ted Talk about nuclear weapons by Erika Gregory, Managing Director of N Square, a group working to bring new ideas, new people, and new perspectives to nuclear arms control.

14 - How Close Do You Live To A Nuclear Weapon?
This video details where nuclear weapons are stored around the world, giving you some idea how close you might be to these storage locations.

15 - Three Questions We Should Ask About Nuclear Weapons
National security expert Emma Belcher gives a TED talk offering three questions we should be asking about nuclear weapons.

16 - The Process Of Launching A Nuclear War
This seven minute video from the PBS Newshour explains the process involved in making the decision to launch nuclear weapons.

17 - How Do Nuclear Bombs Work?
If you want to dive in to the details of how nuclear bombs work, check out these lectures by Associate Professor Mathew Bunn.

18 - How Do The Largest Nukes Compare To Those Used In WWII?
Heres a quick 3 minute video which does a good job of comparing the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII with the largest nuclear weapons that have been created.

19 - The Day After
The Day After is a two hour film about nuclear war that first aired in 1983 on ABC. Its a fictional dramatization of an imaginary war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact which results in a full scale nuclear exchange between the superpowers.

20 - Nuclear Weapons Can Be Hilarious!
Comedian commentator John Oliver hits the nuclear nail on the head in this very entertaining review of our madcap insanity.

21 - High Quality Video Of Nuclear Explosions
Heres a 9 minute video offering high quality video of nuclear explosions.

22 - What Happens When A City Is Nuked?
In just 8 minutes this excellent video by Kurzgesagt outlines the effects of a nuclear blast on a major city in easy to understand terms.

23 - The Black Brant Scare Near Miss
This page describes an event in 1995 where the Russians almost launched their nuclear arsenal by mistake.

24 - NORAD Detects An Incoming Soviet First Strike
In November of 1979 someone mistakenly inserted a training tape in to the NORAD early warning system, an error which convinced operators a nuclear first strike by the Soviet Union was underway.

25 - The First Lost Nuke
In February 1950 a Convair B-36B bomber jettisoned the nuclear weapon it was carrying when the planes engines caught on fire. This was the first lost nuke incident in history.

26 - Buzz One Four B-52 Crash
In 1964 a B-52 carrying two nuclear weapons broke apart in a storm and crashed about 100 miles from Washington D.C.

27 - The Lost Nuclear Weapon Near Savannah Georgia
In February of 1958 an F-86 fighter plane flying near Savannah Georgia collided with a B-47 bomber carrying a nuclear bomb.

28 - The Day We Dropped Nukes On North Carolina
On January 23, 1961 a B-52 bomber carrying two nuclear weapons broke up in flight. As the plane hurtled towards the ground both nuclear weapons were accidentally released on to farmland near Goldsboro North Carolina.

29 - The Damascus Arkansas Titan Missile Explosion
In September 1980 a simple mistake by a crewman working in a missile silo at Damascus Arkansas caused a liquid fuel explosion which ejected the ICBM and its attached 9 megaton nuclear bomb from the silo.

30 - Nuclear Deterrence Is A Fantasy
Each nuclear weapons state claims it has nuclear weapons so as to prevent its enemies from using their nukes, a strategy called deterrence.

31 - Is Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Mentally Ill?
Have you ever wondered about the sanity of anyone who wants to be President of the United States?

32 - Our Relationship With Knowledge
This article will argue that the more is better relationship with knowledge which is the foundation of science and our modern civilization is simplistic, outdated and increasingly dangerous.

33 - Are We Worse Than Nazis?
Imagine that you worked 80 hour weeks for decades so that you could leave me, your child, a big inheritance. Then you died and I got the money.

34 - A Benefit Of The Coronavirus
As I write this in mid-March of 2020 America, Europe and other parts of the world are going in to lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

35 - President Kennedys Speech On The Cuban Missile Crisis
This video shows the speech President Kennedy gave to the American people regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis.

36 - Nikita Khrushchev The Man Behind The Cuban Missile Crisis
This 30 minute video tells the story of Nikita Khrushchev, the Russian leader of the fifties and early sixties who decided to install Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba, a roll of the geo-political dice which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

37 - The Nature Of Power
Nuclear disarmament would be a decision made by a relatively small number of people at the top of the political power structures in each of the nuclear weapons states.

38 - Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye
What will happen to society if a nuclear weapon is used somewhere in the world, particularly against the United States?

39 - The Missiles Of October: What The World Didnt Know
This 90 minute video narrated by Peter Jennings of ABC seemed to be the best video about the Cuban Missile Crisis on Youtube.

40 - Russias First Nuclear Weapon
This video tells the story of how a Russia devastated by Nazi invasion managed to develop their own nuclear weapon only a few years after the Americans.

41 - South Africas Nuclear Weapons
Did you know that South Africa had six nuclear weapons?

42 - Britains Nuclear Bomb The Inside Story
This hour long video tells the story of how Britain became a nuclear weapons power.

43 - Stealing The Atomic Bomb
This hour long video tells the story of how Russian espionage succeeded in stealing American secrets of how to construct a nuclear weapon.

44 - The Atomic Bomb: Crash Course History
This video by the excellent YouTube educational video producers CrashCourse offers a quick engaging look at the history of the development of nuclear weapons.

45 - The Moment In Time: History Of The Manhattan Project
This hour long video provides an overview of the Manhattan Project, the secret WWII American research project which developed the first nuclear weapons.

46 - Focusing On The Bottom Line
If we refuse to focus on the bottom line, it will only be a matter of time until we cant keep up and lose control of the threat generating machine.

47 - BREAKING NEWS: Nuclear Weapons Are Depressing
After spending some time intently focused on nuclear weapons, my ground breaking research has made an amazing discovery. Nuclear weapons are depressing!

48 - The Psychological Shockwave
A single nuclear detonation cant bring down modern civilization. But it can perhaps psychologically undermine that civilization in profound ways that well only begin to understand once it happens.

49 - What Are The Experts Missing?
Heres an arrogant little post from a nuclear weapons newbie exploring the questions that have arisen in my mind as I explore the realm of nuclear weapons activism.

50 - Retired Experts Should Negotiate A Disarmament Treaty
What if retired out of office diplomats, politicians and technical experts from both America and Russia sat down to negotiate a disarmament treaty they think might work?

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