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Nuclear Deterrence Is A Fantasy
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 30
Each nuclear weapons state claims it has nuclear weapons so as to prevent its enemies from using their nukes, a strategy called deterrence.
Is Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Mentally Ill?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 31
Have you ever wondered about the sanity of anyone who wants to be President of the United States?
Are We Worse Than Nazis?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 33
Imagine that you worked 80 hour weeks for decades so that you could leave me, your child, a big inheritance. Then you died and I got the money.
A Benefit Of The Coronavirus
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 34
As I write this in mid-March of 2020 America, Europe and other parts of the world are going in to lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 38
What will happen to society if a nuclear weapon is used somewhere in the world, particularly against the United States?
Focusing On The Bottom Line
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 46
If we refuse to focus on the bottom line, it will only be a matter of time until we cant keep up and lose control of the threat generating machine.
BREAKING NEWS: Nuclear Weapons Are Depressing
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 47
After spending some time intently focused on nuclear weapons, my ground breaking research has made an amazing discovery. Nuclear weapons are depressing!
The Psychological Shockwave
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 48
A single nuclear detonation cant bring down modern civilization. But it can perhaps psychologically undermine that civilization in profound ways that well only begin to understand once it happens.
What Are The Experts Missing?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 49
Heres an arrogant little post from a nuclear weapons newbie exploring the questions that have arisen in my mind as I explore the realm of nuclear weapons activism.
Retired Experts Should Negotiate A Disarmament Treaty
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 50
What if retired out of office diplomats, politicians and technical experts from both America and Russia sat down to negotiate a disarmament treaty they think might work?
Preparing For The Decisive Day
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 52
Activism alone is unlikely to ever rid the world of nuclear weapons. This post will attempt to explain why.
Will All Nuclear Weapons States Have To Disarm At The Same Time?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 54
Under what circumstances could humanity finally leave the nuclear weapons era?
Will A Nuclear Accident In America Save The World?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 55
What sequence of events could lead to an end of the nuclear weapons era? Does the following speculation spotlight what could be the most realistic scenario?
Will A Terrorist Save The World?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 59
It was the psychopath Adolph Hitler who finally brought peace to Europe after centuries of pointless warfare. Should we be expecting a similar savior in our time?
What About Climate Change?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 60
Climate change and the danger of nuclear war are closely related.
Is Nuclear War A Sure Thing?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 62
Any notion that we can maintain arsenals of nuclear weapons, but never use those weapons, seems an excellent example of the amazing human talent for wishful thinking fantasy.
Should We Bother With More Science?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 65
Giving up nuclear weapons is the price tag for the future of science and all the miracles it can offer us. We pay the price, or we dont get the miracles.
A World Without Men
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 66
Given the revolutionary nature of the threat presented by nuclear weapons it may be useful to explore equally revolutionary solutions.
The One Dollar Nuclear Weapons Question
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 70
Would we spend a single dollar to fight nuclear weapons?
Ignore Trump And Embrace His Base
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 73
The nuclear weapons activist community seems not to grasp one simple political fact. America is never going to disarm until most people on both sides of the political divide agree that should happen.
What About Trump? What About Biden?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 74
Getting rid of nuclear weapons will require a broad consensus of the public. This political reality has implications for how we pursue nuclear weapons activism.
Are You A Nuke Nut?
  Category: opinion
  Article Number: 78
As nuclear weapons activists we need to create a publicly recognizable identity like the hippies did with their long hair.

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