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President Kennedys Speech On The Cuban Missile Crisis
  Category: history
  Article Number: 35
This video shows the speech President Kennedy gave to the American people regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Nikita Khrushchev The Man Behind The Cuban Missile Crisis
  Category: history
  Article Number: 36
This 30 minute video tells the story of Nikita Khrushchev, the Russian leader of the fifties and early sixties who decided to install Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba, a roll of the geo-political dice which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The Missiles Of October: What The World Didnt Know
  Category: history
  Article Number: 39
This 90 minute video narrated by Peter Jennings of ABC seemed to be the best video about the Cuban Missile Crisis on Youtube.
Russias First Nuclear Weapon
  Category: history
  Article Number: 40
This video tells the story of how a Russia devastated by Nazi invasion managed to develop their own nuclear weapon only a few years after the Americans.
South Africas Nuclear Weapons
  Category: history
  Article Number: 41
Did you know that South Africa had six nuclear weapons?
Britains Nuclear Bomb The Inside Story
  Category: history
  Article Number: 42
This hour long video tells the story of how Britain became a nuclear weapons power.
Stealing The Atomic Bomb
  Category: history
  Article Number: 43
This hour long video tells the story of how Russian espionage succeeded in stealing American secrets of how to construct a nuclear weapon.
The Atomic Bomb: Crash Course History
  Category: history
  Article Number: 44
This video by the excellent YouTube educational video producers CrashCourse offers a quick engaging look at the history of the development of nuclear weapons.
The Moment In Time: History Of The Manhattan Project
  Category: history
  Article Number: 45
This hour long video provides an overview of the Manhattan Project, the secret WWII American research project which developed the first nuclear weapons.
Robert Oppenheimer
  Category: history
  Article Number: 51
Robert Oppenheimer led the scientific team at the Los Alamos Laboratory which developed the worlds first nuclear weapons during WWII, a top secret government program called The Manhattan Project.
The Bomb: A Nuclear Weapons Documentary
  Category: history
  Article Number: 56
This two hour video documentary provides a good overview of the history of nuclear weapons development.

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