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The First Lost Nuke
  Category: accidents
  Article Number: 25
In February 1950 a Convair B-36B bomber jettisoned the nuclear weapon it was carrying when the planes engines caught on fire. This was the first lost nuke incident in history.
Buzz One Four B-52 Crash
  Category: accidents
  Article Number: 26
In 1964 a B-52 carrying two nuclear weapons broke apart in a storm and crashed about 100 miles from Washington D.C.
The Lost Nuclear Weapon Near Savannah Georgia
  Category: accidents
  Article Number: 27
In February of 1958 an F-86 fighter plane flying near Savannah Georgia collided with a B-47 bomber carrying a nuclear bomb.
The Day We Dropped Nukes On North Carolina
  Category: accidents
  Article Number: 28
On January 23, 1961 a B-52 bomber carrying two nuclear weapons broke up in flight. As the plane hurtled towards the ground both nuclear weapons were accidentally released on to farmland near Goldsboro North Carolina.
The Damascus Arkansas Titan Missile Explosion
  Category: accidents
  Article Number: 29
In September 1980 a simple mistake by a crewman working in a missile silo at Damascus Arkansas caused a liquid fuel explosion which ejected the ICBM and its attached 9 megaton nuclear bomb from the silo.

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